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Johnnie Walker


Vitězslav Cirok


Becher's Bar


Czech Republic


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We live in strange times. Although, according to scientists and statisticians, humanity is doing the best in its history and the quality of life is reaching a very high level. However, our pace of life is so fast that we often do not have time to enjoy ordinary things such as sleep, relaxation, rest and this results in disharmony...


J.Walker adheres to the motto "Keep walking", so even if we have to keep walking, it's not bad to slow down sometimes and start enjoying the life around us.


In addition, there is a lot of wasted surplus and waste, which we should make more efficient. For example, the Czech Republic is considered a beer nation with the largest consumption of beer. That's why I chose syrup from used beer malt as the basic ingredient. Then, as a reflection and a further step towards efficiency, I focused on the leftovers in the hotel where I work and continued to work with them.


The result is a cordial that supports the idea of ​​a healthy mind, rest, but at the same time develops the flavors of J.Walker Black label. So "SLOW DOWN but KEEP WALKING"

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_WORLD CLASS  MENU VITA.pdf (1920 × 1080 px).png
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