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Vitězslav Cirok


Becher's Bar


Czech Republic


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Old Cuban, Penicillin, Espresso Martini.

Modern classics that are mixed today by bartenders all over the world...


Cocktails that have found their place in the ranking of world drinks due to their simplicity, availability, replicability around the world and story.


This is also the reason why I focused on two fundamental things when creating the "Movie Club" cocktail: "simplicity and replicability and also story".

The place where I work, Grandhotel Pupp, is one of the oldest hotels in the world and has been writing its history for more than 300 years. However, this place is also associated with several iconic films, but mainly today with the 56th edition of the international film festival, which will transform this small town for ten days into a completely different world full of film atmosphere and film stars.


How many famous personalities associated with the film, as well as VIP guests, walked the red carpet together and experienced the atmosphere of this picturesque city.


And since several things are typical for this place, I decided to combine the film festival, local flavors and the amazing whiskey Singleton 12 y.o., where the flavors of typical local wafers and butter, nuts, honey, vanilla are combined with the flavor profile of this whiskey. Butterscotch liqueur ensures these tastes. Next, support the light fruity tones with the help of Lillet Blanc and slightly refresh the drink with the help of verjus. A simple drink, but with a very significant taste and aroma. Garnished with a caramelized pecan coated in sea salt, it goes hand in hand with Singleton's motto - swim against the tide.

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